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The season of fall – It’s hard to believe summer has come and gone and fall is upon us, and for many students, fall break has hit the books! If you have spent much time around the barn in recent weeks, you may have noticed all the finishing touches happening along with the big addition about to begin with the new Morning Star Therapy Barn. Our friends from Larry the Cable Guy’s Git-R-Done Foundation have been very generous and made a donation for the Morning Star facility to be made possible and we anxiously await the finished barn where we can share God’s gift of horses with many more who otherwise would not have the opportunity. Along with the new additions around the farm, our website is also getting a makeover as well as a new name, Still Waters Equestrian Academy! On the new site we will have a blog, created to provide  you with updates, tips, and even an occasional “Ask the Pro’s”! If you have any ideas or topics you wish to be covered, don’t be shy; we would love your input!

As we continue through this fall season, may the falls from your horse be less than the leaves falling from the trees, and (students) may your grades not be falling as the temperature falls, and may you find yourself rising and falling with the foot on the wall while you enjoy our Creator’s beautiful fall scenery at Still Waters!

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